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How to Draw the Lewis Structure for CH3- (Methyl anion)

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What charge is CH3?

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The formal charge of CH3is zero.

What is the structure of CH3 negative?

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It is trigonal pyramidal and sp3 hybridized.

What is the shape of CH3 negative?

It is trigonal pyramidal and sp3 hybridized.

What is the structure of CH3 positive?

>>The shape of CH3^+ is (planar/bent).

Why does CH3 have a negative charge?

In the CH3 ion, the carbon atom is making 3 double bonds, giving it 7 electrons in its outer shell, so it will tend to acquire another electron, to bring the total to 8. This is an extra electron, not originally attached to any of the atoms in the group, so it will have a charge of -e, or it will be a CH3(-1) ion.

Is CH3 positive or negative?

Methyl Ion (CH3-) Formal Charge

The methyl ion (CH3) consists of a carbon (C) atom that is bonded to three hydrogen (H) atoms.

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Is CH3 trigonal planar?

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4. Shapes: CH3 groups are tetrahedral, the other C atom is trigonal planar.

Why does CH3 have a trigonal planar shape?

According to the valence shell electron pair repulsion (VSEPR) theory, the molecule will have trigonal planar geometry if the steric number is three. Hence, methyl radical (CH₃˙) has trigonal planar geometry.

What is the shape for CH3?

The shape of C⨁H3 is triangular planar.

Is CH3 trigonal pyramidal?

The :CH3 molecule retains this trigonal pyramidal geometry, having three bonding pairs and one lone pair around the C atom.

How is CH3 planar?

CH3 is planar because of H−H steric repulsion. This repulsion is much weaker for SiH3, GeH3, and SnH3 due to the larger H−H separation. Consequently, the geometry of the heavier homologs is determined by electronic effects, which always favor a pyramidal structure.

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